Fuxing Loh

Feb 28, 2020(4 years ago)

UI design is probably the hardest form of art out there

There is no real meaning or feedback to a painting or an abstract installation, people understand, or they don’t. The ability to find meaning in art doesn't mean it is correct; you just saw a meaning to it that resonates well with you.

UI design is different, 99.99% of the people either complain, or they don't. People complaining don't know why and what they are even complaining about.

In other professions you do well, get appraised immediately. In design, you quantify success by not getting any feedback because it just works.

Coupled with evolution, progression and AI. The design is at the stage of acceleration, what we're trying to do is the same, we are entering into another Information Age, what you are trying to solve has no solutions. You only have examples of other problems and solutions.

I guess, heads down and get busy!